School Policies

School General Information

The School day starts with the morning Assembly at 7:40 AM.

All “car” students are required to arrive in the playground by 7:35 AM.

Classes begin at 8:00 AM. and students are dismissed at 2:40 PM.

N.B.: School Gates will close at 7:40 AM Sharp.

Car Students:

Car students should not arrive at school before 7:20 AM No proper supervision will be available before that time.


All visitors are requested to obtain a visitor's pass from the Security Office.

N.B: Any parents who wish to meet their child’s teacher should call the school Admin.and ask for an appointment in advance. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers without a pre –arranged meeting.

Bus Rules

Bus riders must abide by the following regulations:

1- Each student upon entering the bus must go immediately to his/her assigned seat on the bus.

2- No student shall stand or move from place to place on the bus.

3- Students shall enter and leave the bus only after the bus has come to a complete stop and door has been opened.

4- Students must stay in their seats with their feet on the floor and out of the aisles and keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

5- Students must refrain from using inappropriate language, loud voice and making rude gestures.

6- Students should be waiting at their assigned pick-up points when the bus arrives.

7- All instructions given by the Bus Matron must be followed.

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