What is the difference between the British and the American systems?

The British system relies on a more strict system of summative assessments. It has the Checkpoints in years 6 of the Primary stage and year 8 of the Lower Secondary before hitting the high stakes exams at the Upper Secondary stage; whereas the American system has only its school-based quarterly assessments each year before reaching the high stakes SAT exams at High School.

Does changing the course book affect the students’ learning outcomes?

No. Because the teachers follow a specific framework and scheme designed to achieve those learning outcomes, and those books are merely part of that process.

Are your teachers certified?

Of course. All our teachers attend Cambridge workshops and training seminars to be constantly aware of all the ongoing updates taking place with the teaching techniques and methodology.

Can I transfer my child from British to American or vice-versa?

That depends on the student’s performance and is subject to assessments performed by the school. However, should the parent insist on doing so, against school recommendation, it is done, but at the parents’ responsibility.

What is Foundation Stage Curriculum?

We are following Early Years Foundation Stage. The key focus during this part of the national curriculum is on teaching them routine and easing them into the idea of learning in a structured environment. Children are assessed at the Foundation Stage, and the results are recorded as a Foundation Stage Profile. This profile enables teachers to see how your child has progressed.

My child is writing in mirror image, is it normal?

A child who is forming mirror images is as healthy as any other child. Similarly, children improve their writing skills with time and age.

Which program are you following during your English Lessons?

Jolly Phonics, we follow the Jolly phonics program in our literacy lessons where children revisit all sounds every day knowing the action and formation of each letter.

Does the School offer after school activities?

We believe that there are social, physical and psychological advantages for children who participate in after-school activities. At Majesty International School we offer extracurricular activities which are delivered by our teachers and others that are provided by external professionals for an additional cost.

Are meals cooked at school?

All meals are freshly cooked in the school. We provide a healthy and balanced diet according to the highest hygiene standards.

Is there a school bus service?

Yes, school provides a bus service which collects children at the beginning of the day and drops them off at the end of the day. You can get more details from our front desk.

Do you study any other languages in school?

As part of the curriculum, we offer French and German as a second language from Year 3.

What is the maximum capacity allowed in class?

The maximum allowed is 20 students.

When does the admissions season start?

The admission season starts by December the academic year before, if you want to apply for school for September 2020 you need to start applying in December 2019.

When will the American Department launch?

Our American Department will launch in September 2020

How do you communicate with teachers?

We have excellent communication between the school and parents. Our teachers communicate with parents through Google Classroom, weekly school newsletter via email, firefly, termly reports and parent meetings throughout the year. In addition, our teachers are just an e-mail away.

What is the applicable age for my child to enter school?

Your child needs to be 2.5 – 3.5 years old if you’re interested in Pre-school and 3.5 – 4.5 years if you’re interested in FS1.