E-Learning at Majesty

E-Learning offers the ability to share material in all kinds of formats such as: videos, slideshows, word documents and PDFs. At Majesty our E-Learning is centered around Google Classroom, which the school already uses to assign tasks, communicate with students and track their responses. All teachers and students are already familiar with the system, which makes the transition process flexible. Cambridge and other learning platforms are opening up to help schools move to online learning smoothly.

These days learners are well versed in using latest technology so participating in and running online courses have become a simple affair. Parents have a vital role to play – an extra responsibility on their shoulders. They create a structure for their children and keep them engaged and punctual for their online classes and complete their assignments on time.

With powerful advantages E-Learning is driving more interest than ever and things are likely to go up hill from now on. On a positive note E-Learning has empowered our learners to absorb knowledge and personal accomplishments which in turn enhanced the ability to learn and implement the new processes.