Key Stage 2

Year 3 to 6

Key Stage 2 Discipline Policy

Behavioural Expectations:

  • Conduct yourself in a safe, respectful orderly manner.
  • Respect the rights of others school materials
  • Follow directions
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon
  • Come to class prepared (Books, pens, etc.)
  • Bring homework, assignments on time.

If expectations are not met, the following takes place:

  • Warning: written or verbal
  • Discussion with student
  • Time out: removal from activity
  • Loss of 10 minutes of Break Time.
  • Break Detention
  • After school teacher detention
  • Request for parent meeting
  • Administrative referral
  • Behavioural consultation

If expectations are not met the administration will request a parent meeting and assess situation and take necessary consequences to encourage positive behavior.

  • Our school behaviour encourages positive wide reinforcement through:
  • Verbal praise
  • Recognition through notes home or calls
  • Awards
  • Special privileges

Out of School Suspension:

Out of School Suspension (OSS) is removal from the school for a specific period of time. Parents can pick up work for the student on suspension. Before returning to school, student must have a meeting with the parent and administration before attending classes.

The above is the most extreme disciplinary action and will be used only in severe situations.

Bullying/Fighting/ Violence

Students who take part in bullying/ fights / aggressive acts/ using unacceptable language with others and behaving in an unacceptable manner with staff, all lead to consequences from break detention to out of school suspension.

Behaviour Probation:

Probation is issued by the Managing Director of the school when it becomes apparent that a student has a serious problem. The parent will be notified in writing. Probation gives the student an opportunity to change and to assume responsibility and acceptable behaviour.

Academic Probation:

Students with below average grades will be put on Academic Probation until the grades improve.

Restoration Plan

It is our intention to lovingly restore students after a period of probation or a period of suspension. As a means to an end, the following guidelines will govern any disciplinary period, the administration will clearly identify the offence and assist the student to identify a plan to ensure improvement.

Student Rights and Responsibilities:

The student has the right to be respected as an individual, to receive the benefits of all school services, to attend a school which is clean, comfortable, safe and adequately equipped, to express him/herself as long as rights of others ar0e not violated. All students shall have access to printed copies of school regulations.

The student is responsible for knowing and complying with school rules, for respecting and submitting to the authority of the school staff, for applying himself/herself to the best of his ability to the learning tasks, for attending school regularly and punctually and for using school facilities in a proper way that will conserve its usefulness.


Homework serves to practice, reinforce and apply newly-acquired skills and knowledge to build good study habits. Therefore, we encourage parents to provide a suitable environment for the completion of daily homework. Parent’s intervention with homework completion is not preferable. If parents find any difficulties with the assignments please highlight such issues in the channel book.


Vandalism is forbidden. Vandalism is damaging or destruction of school property, books, materials, furniture, building, computer hardware or software school building and buses.

Consequences: parents will be informed and restitution of property and/or payment of damages will be required. The student will receive disciplinary sanctions according to the School's Policy

Bullying Prevention:

Bullying is defined as any ongoing pattern of physical, verbal (spoken or written) or electronic abuse on school grounds, school premises and buses. At MAJESTY we recognize the impact bullying has on student health, welfare and safety. The school administration prohibits such behaviour.

Bullying may constitute grounds for long-term suspension/expulsion, in accordance with the school discipline policy. The school administration will implement programs and procedures for the purpose of educating students regarding bullying prevention.

*The school has its child protection policy which shall be explained in the orientations.

Student Health Services

A school doctor and nurse are available all the time to provide:

Regular medical screenings, initial treatment for illnesses and injuries, administration of parent authorization medications and consulting with parents regarding their son's/daughter's health concerns.

  • If a situation arises immediate hospital attention where is required, parent's approval is required.
  • In the event of injury/accident. The class teacher will fill out an "Accident Injury Report Form" and submit it to the Managing Director/ Managing Director.
  • To protect students from unnecessary exposure to contagious diseases, parents must contact the school after their child has developed a known or suspected communicable disease. The student may return to school when the school doctor authorizes his return.

Character Building:

At MAJESTY, we commence character building from Foundation stage and up through higher stages. We teach organizational skills, problem solving skills, taking and showing responsibility and perseverance.

Student Awards:

Note: the awards will be determined based on performance throughout the school year.

  • Student of the Year Award:

The student with the highest grades and recognition by his peers and fellow students will be recognized as the Student of the Year.

  • Best overall Development Award

This award will be given to students who show academic progress throughout the academic year.

  • Best Behaviour Award

Students who demonstrate good behaviour in class or in the playground will be rewarded with this award.

  • Best Academic Achievement Award

This award will be tailored around academic performance throughout the core and non-core subjects.